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About Gina Ruby

Gina Ruby grew up in a small town in Montana and always had a special place in her heart to help people better themselves so they could truly be and love who they were. It comes from having a mom and dad who believed in her 100% and always said, “You can accomplish anything you set your mind too.”  They were her biggest cheerleaders!  (And still are along with her husband!)

Her passion and joy for life permeates through all of her friendships and relationships.  Whether it is working with teenagers in ministry or acting and modeling for companies all across the country for over 15 years, there is always a way to find FUN in the moment!  Does it mean her life has been “easy”?  Not at all.  But her faith in God and knowing there is a purpose and a plan for everything has carried her through life’s challenging storms, going from cloudy stormy seas to sunny shores. Those storms made her stronger emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Her motto is, “Joy is a choice”  through thick and thin. And why play a victim when you can choose victory!

The Storm right before 40!  On the heels of Gina celebrating her 13th wedding anniversary back in 2002, her husband chose to leave the marriage and create a new life for himself. Life does not always happen the way we think it will. Gina was suddenly single, no money, and starting completely from scratch right at the big 4-0! Her faith in God, amazing friendships, and incredible mentors in her life gave her the support, encouragement, and inspiration to move forward and she began creating the life she always dreamed of when she was a little girl. That dream was to help people get healthy and to live their purpose in life!  At 42, all of the pieces came together and Gina became a Certified Health Coach.  Fast forward 8 years, Gina is now 50 years old and has helped clients all across the country get healthy and move towards greatness in wealth, love, and personal fulfillment.  And the cherry on top.... she gives God the credit for bringing her soulmate into her life around that same time.  They met and were married exactly one year later and have created an amazing life together.

Faith in God, uncompromising core values, and determination have helped Gina create an extraordinary life. And now she can guide you to experience the same wealth, joy and success that she has created.

We literally become a magnet for attracting more of what we want into our life, so why not make it amazing.   Mediocrity or just “settling” isn’t really living.

After all, how we do one thing is how we do everything. Let’s do it extraordinary!!
Gina Ruby
Gina Ruby Enterprises/ CEO